1. No credit cards or personal checks are accepted. Payments are made solely by international bank drafts or in cash.
  2. A deposit of at least 40% of the total rental value is required upon booking to confirm a reservation. Guests will receive confirmation of receipt. Guests should arrange that the required amount is received net, free of bank charges, in the local currency, EURO.
  3. All bookings have to be paid in full, PRIOR to the actual stay, unless otherwise agreed. If the full payment is not made, Villa operators reserve the right to rent the house to another guest.
  4. Full payment has to be made in full the LATEST 32 days prior to arrival date (recommended is 45). If full payment is not received, the Owners reserve the right to cancel the booking and terminate immediately the leasing agreement, forfeit the booking deposit, prohibit access to the properties and rent the house to other guests.
  5. Cancellation policy: Cancellations have to be made by call or in writing (e-mail, mail, fax). If cancellation is made during week 10 prior to arrival (by Friday 5 PM), 100% of deposit is reimbursed, at week 8 75%, at week 6, 50% of the deposit is returned. After 32 days prior to arrival, all of the deposit is forfeited. Weeks start at 00:01 am of Saturday.
  6. Rental prices quoted to private parties include local taxes and VAT. They do not for offers to professional agents or tourism operators.
  7. Christmas, New Year, Orthodox Easter week, 1st of May day and Ascension day weekends are considered high season and follow the equivalent high season pricing schemes.
  8. A RETURNABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT applies at all times, the amount being at the discretion of the Owners during booking procedure. The deposit is due with the final payment. If the deposit is not sent in, the whole booking may be cancelled and the booking deposit forfeited.
  9. It is understood by all renters that in the case of any damage or item removal from the houses, Owners will make a claim that will be subtracted without further negotiation from the damage deposit, covering materials, labor, transportation or any other fee associated with the damage restoration or item replacement.
  10. The deposit is returned via bank transfer within 10 working days after guest departure -in whole- if the property is found without damages. In case damages are found, those will have subtracted from the deposit and the balance will be returned. That does not apply when there is a damage claim pending. Then the remainder is returned when the damage is restored.
  11. In case of non pre-agreed late departure of the houses, 1/2 day rental will be charged (departure by 2:30 pm) and full day (departure after 5:00 pm) according to the current price catalogue, without any discounts. The amount will be subtracted form the security deposit.
  12. Kastellakia Bay Villas will, in no case, recognize circumstantial evidence for late cancellation of reservations. Guests are expected to notify in due time for cancellation.


  • Price includes rental for specific period, utilities, water, electricity. Residences will be delivered clean, functional and ready to use.
  • The Rental Agreement concerns the specific villa/apartment and number of guests agreed for specific period. In NO circumstance may the guests accommodate extra people without the prior consent of the Owners, including and not limited to overnight guests, parties, receptions, BBQs or other even one day/night social events for any other number than the pre-agreed guests
  • Leasing of the residences is for the sole purpose of residential housing of the agreed guests for the specific period of time and for no other use without prior consent.
  • Minimum rental period is one-week high season (7 nights), 5 nights in mid season, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The Owners reserve the right to enter the property for inspection at all times, given appropriate and timely warning.
  • It is not allowed to change the setting or decoration of the house furniture without the prior consent of the Owners. Inside furnishings stay inside and outside furnishing outside!
  • Rental price may include cleaning or not depending on vacation package bought. Normal housekeeping schedule is twice a week
  • Due to water shortages in most islands, environmental concern and in an effort to save water, in normal course of business, towels will be changed twice a week and sheets once. Hang up your towel if you do not want it changed, leave in showers on floor if you do.
  • More frequent linen change may be possible at extra pre-agreed charge. Beach towels are not provided, may be rented for extra.
  • Linen provided is for in house use only and NOT to be taken to beach
  • Main food supplies (groceries, meat, vegetables, etc), alcoholic drinks, bottled water or other supplies are NOT included in the price.
  • Rental price does not include any meals
  • Rental price does NOT include transfers to or form the property, tolls, car rental or ferry ticket back and forth to an island.
  • Rental price does not include any other form transportation or transfer (port, airport, other).
  • Rental day ends at 10:30 am. Guests staying after this time will be charged 1/2 day rental according to the current price catalogue (see Terms of Payment). Guest staying after 5:00 pm will be charged a full day. Guests agree that this extra charge may be taken from the House Security Deposit.
  • Properties are considered free when cleared of all personal belongings and keys are handed to Owner/Manager
  • Properties are expected to be handed over clean and in relative order. An extra cleaning fee up to EURO 100 may be subtracted from the security deposit if the property is left excessively dirty.
  • The renter(s) is/are liable for any damage or for the removal /destruction of items on and around the properties, including and not limited to plants, external structures, etc. Guests are expected to respect the Villas and their contents. Guests are expected to leave the Villas in same condition they were delivered, tidy and and as clean as possible. Villa items, including and not limited to linen and/ ornamental things remain with the villas!
  • Pets are allowed only with prior consent and approval of the owners. The owners reserve the right to cancel the rental agreement if a pet or is found on the premises without prior consent. Pets are expected to stay within the villa surroundings and not bother other guests. Pets are not allowed on beds, couches or other furniture.
  • Guests are expected to conserve water & energy. Water is extremely scarce in a lot of the Greek islands, and given global warming and desertification, we ask for everybody's careful water management. Conserving energy is a priority planet-wide. Please do not leave water heaters, ovens, fans, air conditioners, televisions, DVDs, phone chargers or lights on unless really needed!
  • Villas are equipped with dishwashers & clothes washers for convenience and water conservation. Please use to reduce water consumption. Excessive waste of water may entail an extra charge of up to EURO 75 per week, taken also out of the House Damage Deposit.
  • Laundry is limited to 2 (full) loads per week for villas with clothes washers. Extra loads will be charged
  • Villas provide the choice to recycle with two separate garbage cans, please make the extra effort to separate your garbage.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the villas, smoking is allowed outside.
  • The use of fire outside designated areas (BBQ & fireplace) is strictly forbidden, including camp fires or beach fires. Also the use of open flame candles is STRICTLY prohibited during the summer months, candles only closed in lanterns are allowed inside or outside. Smokers are requested to extinguish completely with water cigarettes before discarding. Fire hazard in the summer is extremely high and wildfires common around Greece in the summer. Failure to respect fire safety laws can lead to immediate termination of the leasing agreement
  • Guests are expected to use common sense and caution not to jeopardize the integrity of the buildings and structures or expose them to fire, explosives, flammable or pressurized liquids (e.g. scuba tanks, oxygen bottles, liquefied gas bottles, etc.). In case of such damage, guests will be held legally liable for such damages.
  • GUESTS ARE LIABLE FOR HOUSE SAFETY & INTEGRITY AND BY NO MEANS LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT SOLELY. Owners will press legal charges under the laws of The Hellenic Democracy for damage restitution in case of negligence and structural damage, human injury or loss of life
  • We cherish our guest safety and we will do what is logical and humanly possible to safeguard it. In no case will we be responsible though for accidents or Acts of God that may result to sickness, injury or death. By sending in your deposit, you directly agree to this term and waive the Owners/Company/Lessors of any claim.
  • We strongly advise all guests to have a medical plan that will cover any medical expenses in Greece. In case of sickness or injury, we will do our best to have the patient reach professional medical assistance, the soonest possible but it is not the Owners responsibility to provide medical care to ailing guests.
  • If a guest or a member of the family has any serious chronic condition, including severe allergies, we ask to know it to avert possible exposure to danger. Also, guests are expected to bring their ample supplies of the medications normally taken, it may be difficult to find on the island. It is not the managers’ responsibility to provide guest with such medication
  • There are potentially harmful or dangerous animals or plants on the island or in the sea, including and not limited to viper snakes, scorpions, bees, wasps, hornets, jellyfish, sea urchins and other. If you are allergic to bees or wasps or foods, plants or animals common in Greece, please notify, seek medical advise from your doctor and bring with you appropriate antidotes.
  • The Owners are in no case liable for any personal injury or death and any consequential damage from such events, incurred during the stay on the properties or island. Guests agreeing to stay on the property, by sending in their deposit, also agree to this term.
  • The Owners reserve the right to end immediately the leasing agreement and choose to reimburse or not, in case where property management has evidence or receives complaints for impeachment of Greek law (including noise, inebriation, drug use, danger of fire).
  • The Owners reserve the right to end immediately the leasing agreement and choose to reimburse or not, in case where they deem that the integrity of the property is in jeopardy due to neglect, misuse or abuse.
  • The Owners will report family violence to appropriate authorities
  • The Owners reserve the right to cancel and refund in full any reservation due to unforeseen weather conditions, Acts of God, property damage or other cases of forced property unavailability and or/to move/change guests’ other accommodation -if available- in the area, with guests' prior consent. In that case, no price differential will be paid upwards or downwards.
  • In case of such a cancellation, in no circumstance will the Owners be responsible for consequential damages (ticket loss, extra charges, etc) and no such claim(s) will be honored.
  • No-show or guest voluntary leave of the villas/apartments implies forfeiture of complete payment, no partial or full refund will be made. In case of such a cancellation, the Owners are not responsible for consequential damages or price differential claims to other accommodation.
  • Kastellakia Bay Villas and its Management or Lessor reserve the right to amend prices and any of the above terms of rental at any time.
  • We respect our guests’ privacy, pls visit our relevant GDPR compliance page
  • INTRAFAC LTD Larnaca Cyprus is the legal operator and the Courts of the Cyprus Democracy are appointed to settle any legal differences they may arise from this rental contract.
  • If you have rented through one of our worldwide agents, the above terms apply IN ADDITION to agents’ terms of business and in no case are they nullified by any agent's policy, unless otherwise previously agreed.