Weddings & Events


As much as for Greek as for foreigner young couples, the proximity to Athens and its International Airport, frequent and short ferry rides, authentic Cycladic rugged environment and competitive costs vis a vis to other popular islands, have made Kea-Tzia a favorite destination for weddings and events.

Kastellakia Bay Villas being one of the most unique, very tranquil, private and romantic spots on the island, would be happy to host you, your loved ones, family and friends, for your special moments, wedding, bachelor, bachelorette or corporate event.

A few things to know before you start dreaming:

It is mandatory to rent first a villa as accommodation a certain amount of time, depending on the season from 3-7 days, before you can use for an event. Then you may choose to have at the villa the event or you choose an outside venue (see VENUES below). Villas will NOT rent just for one night for the event!

Villas are rented first as accommodation and then as an event venue, with a per head guest charge for the days of setup, reception and take down of the event PLUS the normal rent of the villa. If the event concerns ONLY the guests in the villa(s), other than the rental fee, there is a very small villa charge for the outside catering or in-house chef.

To reduce cost, you may rent one villa for the wedding party and then choose to have the event at an outside collaborating venue (see VENUES below).

We collaborate for our villa weddings & events with a series of local reliable professionals for support services like catering, flowers, photography, entertainment, etc. You or your planner may not bring in your own.

Also please note, that all villas, except for the wedding night, are rented to the number of tenants that is contractually allowed to use them. External visitors may be allowed to come in other days to enjoy the premises, but there is an entrance fee charged like at any high end hotel. If you intend to have a pre/post-wedding dinner or lunch, it is charged separately.

A damage deposit applies to all villa rentals for events covering any potential damage. The deposit is returned 14 days after the event and thorough venue inspection.

We welcome professionals in the industry who are looking for a unique venue for their clients.



We can offer you numerous services to help plan the “perfect” event you have in mind including:

  • Our own experienced wedding planner
  • Transfers, VIP or simple, from Athens airport to port or from port of Kea to the villas
  • Water taxi transfer from port of Lavrio
  • Venue decoration (flowers, candles, ribbons, etc.)
  • Venue decorator
  • Catering (from simple to gourmet)
  • Wedding cake
  • Music and entertainment by pro DJs
  • Fireworks
  • Photographer / Videographer / Drone
  • Church Arrangements
  • Bride hairdresser /manicurist
  • Late night transfer for weddings party from event venue to villas
  • Accommodation for guests
  • Custom local tours
  • Before and after the wedding activities for guests
  • Other specialized services you may want/imagine
Note: If you live abroad, we very strongly recommend employing a wedding planner –ours or another- as organizing a wedding yourself from far away can be very stressful and taxing experience, requiring daily a lot of your time and several off-season trips to Kea, as in peak season villas are hardly accessible.


There are 3 ways we can plan your wedding and reception in Kea.

  • Small events up to 25-45 people can take place in Villa Aperon or Villa Thymari terraces
  • Larger events we can organize through our collaboration
    1. At Koundouraki Rock Beach Club for a true feet-in-the sand wedding or
    2. if you want something more “formal” sit-down in collaboration with KARTHEA RESTAURANT in Ellinika, less than 4km form our villas or
    3. BOTH, have the wedding and cocktail at the ROCK and dinner in KARTHEA!

Let us know of your needs, an we can suggest the best way